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Dr. Wendy Whitlock of Pinnacle Health & Wellness

Our doctor is well qualified  to take care of all your chiropractic needs and help you back to an active Colorado lifestyle. 

Dr. Whitlock can relate to where patients begin, because she has been there!

Dr. Whitlock had function, and a normal life, restored after a horrific auto accident. She may not be walking and smiling today if it was not for her chiropractor

Dr. Whitlock saw such amazing results with her personal experiences that she decided to help others, as she had been helped. 

My Education

Dr. Whitlock went to the most renowned chiropracticcollege in the world- Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. She has her Doctorate degree in Chiropractic Sciences as well as postgraduate pediatric training, Sports medicine training, and training to address the physical manifestation of stress.

Through these experiences and training, ideas and paradigms on health were formed and molded, bringing the most modern health care ideas to Pinnacle Health & Wellness, LLC.

My Philosophy

It is our goal to help in the healing process so that people can lead the life they desire. We bring a patient-centered philosophy through education and information that patients find useful in everyday life. While we strive to bring the most modern techniques and most researched methods, everything is done with the patient in mind at Pinnacle Health & Wellness, LLC.

We have helped people of all ages and walks of life achieve levels of health that they thought may be a thing of the past. It brings me absolute joy and pleasure to see patients' health and vitality increase day after day.

Colorado Springs Lifestyle

Dr. Whitlock began practicing in Grand Junction, CO. After much searching, and many trips to the front range, she decided that Colorado Springs was the perfect location for a new practice.

Dr. Whitlock enjoys the great outdoors, and such activities as cycling and snowboarding. She stays healthy by receiving chiropractic care a few times a month. She also includes other healthy habits, such as working out, taking the best supplements, and eating high quality foods. Healthy activities are a major part of her life. She participates in golf, competitive obstacle courses; as well as, being a professional women's figure athlete.

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-Dr. Whitlock

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